Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon Seeds

Summers are around the corner and it’s time to indulge in some amazing seasonal fruits like watermelon, litchis, and mangoes. Well, one of the most loved summer fruit is water melon. In fact, this squashy juicy fruit needs no introduction and is widely available in the market.

Watermelon Seeds known also as Magaz Seeds. it is an incredibly hydrating fruit as it contains around 88 percent of water, and is enriched with a lot of essential vitamins and minerals. This succulent melon also contains a lot of seeds, which we generally throw after consumption. But did you know that these little black seeds are really rich in nutrition?

Amazing Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

It is low in calories and offer an array of micro nutrients like copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron etc; which have various health benefits. Some most benefits we mention below

Helpful for Glowing Skin

Watermelon seed oil is widely used as the main ingredient for cosmetic products that works wonders in treating acne and early signs of aging. Water melon seeds have antioxidants that help in reversing early skin aging. Consumption of these seeds can provide your skin with an inner glow. Add a few seeds as Chia Seeds, Quinoa Seeds, Flax Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds in your daily diet to get visibly healthy skin. Also, due to the presence of fatty acids, it prevents dryness and provides hydration to the damaged skin.

Improve the Quality of Hair

These seeds are filled with proteins and iron, that are known to improve the texture and quality of hair. It helps in strengthening your hair strands and also it promotes hair regrowth. As these are high in magnesium content it makes the hair healthy that in turn prevents hair fall and damage hair.

How to Use Watermelon Seeds?

Roast the watermelon seeds in a pan. Store them for many days in airtight containers. This can be a healthy yet delicious snacking option for those who always feel hungry! These will provide you a boost of nutrition. you can add these tiny seeds to your salads or other nuts for that added benefit.

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